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Memorial Days: Is it necessary to take care of graves?
14 April 2021
On Easter week, and especially on Holy Sunday, it is not recommended to visit the cemetery for any purpose other than burial. For this purpose there is Radonitsa, a memorial day with special traditions left over from the ancestors. This is the ninth day after Easter, Tuesday in Fomian week. On this day begin to serve litanies. Food should not be carried to the cemetery, it is better to distribute to the poor and needy.
Preservation of the body in the morgue in Kyiv
18 March 2021
The article lists the morgues in Kyiv with contacts, addresses and telephone numbers.
How do people profit from death?
15 March 2021
In Ukraine, namely in Kyiv, a scheme for profiting from the dead is gaining popularity.
International funeral transport
22 February 2021
At present transportation of the deceased from abroad is possible in three ways. However, in this case we are talking about the states that are located on one continent. But if a person has died or has died in the US, Canada, Australia or other North or South American countries, it will only be possible to deliver his body by plane. This variant of transportation is the most expensive, but the body will be delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible.
Crematoriums in Ukraine
17 December 2020
The article lists crematoriums in Ukraine, the necessary documents for cremation and the process of cremation.
Cemeteries in Kyiv
16 December 2020
At the moment in Kyiv almost all cemeteries are closed or semi-closed, due to the fact that they are overcrowded. There is an opportunity only to make a subburial, but in this case there are also certain rules.
Bury or cremate?
15 December 2020
Sooner or later, everyone is faced with the sad choice of whether to bury or cremate a loved one. To understand and make the right choice, let's go back in history and into our rituals and traditions.
Death by COVID-19: basic rules, action algorithm, state aid
10 November 2020
In connection with the increase in the incidence of this virus, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has approved a bill that contains the basic rules for burying the dead from COVID-19.
How to organize a funeral?
30 October 2020
The death of a loved one is always a tragedy in every person's life. Unfortunately, every family will have to be in this situation someday. There is a problem of organizing a funeral ceremony. In a depressing state, not everyone can cope with feelings of grief and properly organize the funeral. For a confused and grieving relative, this task becomes very difficult, and sometimes tragedy becomes a disaster. Our funeral agency will always come to the aid in a difficult hour.
Organization of cremation
30 October 2020
The ritual burning of the deceased's body is one of the ways to honor the memory of a person. Conducting cremation is an alternative to the traditional burial. The cremation of the deceased can be carried out at his request or by instruction, made during his lifetime. Also the service of cremation may be necessary in a situation where in the cemetery is not enough space for burial. For many people burial by cremation is preferable for religious or personal reasons. It should be noted that the service of cremation does not necessarily end with burial. Relatives decide to scatter the ashes over the places where the deceased would like it, or to keep them in an urn.
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