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Funeral dinners

The funeral dinner is an integral part and the final stage of the funeral. When all relatives and friends can remember the deceased with a kind word and pray for his soul. It is an opportunity to pay tribute and remember all the good deeds of the deceased. Traditionally, memorial services are held several times: on the funeral day, on the third and ninth days, forty days, as well as in six months and a year (if possible).

Graale Funeral house will help to hold the memorial service in accordance with all traditions. Our specialists will select the appropriate hall for you, and also help with the composition of the menu, based on your preferences and wishes.

We cooperate with proven organizations whose services we are sure of. You can be sure of the professionalism of our partners - all the details of the organization, which we know about from our own years of experience will be taken into account.

Agents of the Graale Funeral house will take care of all the troubles with the selection of the hall, coordination of the number of people present, selection of menus and musical accompaniment.

As a rule, for a memorial dinner dishes are used without excesses, and sometimes even lean dishes. In all cases the menu is prepared in accordance with religious and national traditions.

The cost of a memorial dinner in Kyiv will always remain within reasonable limits, considering financial possibilities.

Traditional funeral dinner menu:

  1. Kutya.
  2. Borscht or homemade noodle soup.
  3. Lenten pancakes.
  4. Pies.
  5. Mashed potatoes or buckwheat porridge.
  6. Cutlets.
  7. Fried fish.
  8. Salted fish.
  9. Chicken bits.
  10. Pickles (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes).
  11. Dried fruit compote or kissel.
  12. Baking and candies.
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