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Transportation of the deceased. "Cargo 200"

Transportation of the deceased to another country. "Cargo 200"

Regional and international transportation "Cargo 200" of any difficulty: to any destination in Ukraine, Russia, Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Poland), USA. Great experience of work with consulates and embassies of other countries in Ukraine and other countries.

Organizing the preparation of the body for transportation, finding the right transport and processing all necessary documents takes a long time. Not every relative understands and knows exactly how to perform these procedures and what points to pay special attention to.

What's to start with? How to properly prepare permits and find special transport?

Is there a need to accompany the deceased personally or to entrust this procedure to specialists? Our funeral home provides a full range of ritual services, which will allow you to choose the most budget and convenient way of auto, rail or air transportation and worthily organize a funeral for a loved one without unnecessary worry and additional problems.

Main modes of transport for cargo 200 repatriation :

  • air transport
  • automobile transport
  • water transport
  • rail transport

For the international transport of the deceased (cargo 200), taking into account the rules and laws of the host country, requires:

  1. Medical report of death (part where the cause of death is stated)
  2. Certificate of Death from the Civil Registry Office
  3. Permission from the prosecutor's office (if this is a court case)
  4. Embalming certificate
  5. The Document about the absence of any foreign objects inside the body
  6. Certificate from the sanitary-epidemiological service
  7. Permission from the host country
  8. Customs declaration
  9. To place an order for transportation of the body and escort

Average cost of cargo 200 transportation across Ukraine – from 8 UAH for 1 km

+38 (067) 500-40-44

The specialists of the Graale Funeral house will ensure all stages of transportation:

  1. Prompt execution of authorization and accompanying documentation for repatriation
  2. Storage of the body of the deceased in the morgue while documents are being processed
  3. Embalming the body for transportation
  4. Route selection for transportation
  5. Galvanizing of transport coffin or selection of zinc container for hermetic sealing
  6. Accompanying the body from the start to the final destination (in case of a complex route, if necessary)
  7. Meeting Cargo 200 (transportation to the morgue, unpacking and disposal of the container, preparation for burial)

Transportation of the deceased to another city in Ukraine

Ritual House of the Grail will transport the deceased to any location in Ukraine. With more than 10 years of experience, we organize everything quickly, efficiently and qualitatively.

For transportation of the deceased (cargo 200) in Ukraine it is necessary:

  1. To execute and obtain a death certificate from the competent authorities (police, medical service, local government)
  2. Call the ritual service and order transport to the specified city or settlement of Ukraine
  3. Do funeral organization

Meeting cargo 200 at the border, at the airport

On arrival of cargo 200 to the destination, airport or railway station there are many questions. These are meeting, transporting, galvanizing the container and placing (storing) the dead body until the day of the funeral, and further organization of the ritual of farewell.

Before the shipment of the cargo 200 it is necessary to determine who will meet the coffin dead at the destination. This may be the sender by himself, the accompanying person or his authorized representative, or a legal person, usually a ritual service. The consignee's details must be entered on the consignment note.

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