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Funeral crosses


The grave of every Christian should be decorated in accordance with the traditions and customs of the Christian faith and the personal wishes of his close people. However, it should be remembered that one of the inherent attributes of the design of any grave is a ritual cross. And it is the cross that is given attention when choosing design elements for a new grave, as it should be placed on the grave immediately after the burial of the deceased. Today, it is customary to install not only wooden crosses: our customers order and install crosses made of marble, decorative concrete, granite and, of course, wood.

Appearance of the ritual cross

Ritual crosses can be very simple or rise on a grave, showing the world the crucified Jesus. Certainly, the choice of the design of the cross, as well as the material, falls on the shoulders of relatives and friends of the deceased. But in case you do not know what this attribute should be, what it should represent and what moments to pay attention to, our experts will provide you with full consulting support and help you decide on the choice.

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What is the peculiarity of modern proposals? Today, a wide range of ritual attributes allows everyone to buy a ritual cross in Kyiv at their own discretion in accordance with their financial capabilities. Our ritual house "Graale" gives the chance to choose and buy crosses from standard inexpensive samples, to crosses of VIP class from exclusive breeds of wood and flawless marble from Italy. We will help you to create a special type of your loved one's grave.

To buy a monument, cross or order delivery in any region of Ukraine, call our specialists and they will help you decide on the choice and solve all organizational issues.

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