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Cremation of the deceased – the most demanded ritual service in Kiev. In addition, it is gaining relevance due to the spread of the coronavirus and a lower cost compared to the standard burial in a cemetery.


The GRAAL Ritual Bureau is always ready to help you with the transportation of the body and the organization of cremation.

cremation in kiev

What is cremation?

Cremation – it is an environmentally friendly method of burying the body by burning the body. The remaining ashes are placed in a special urn, which must be buried. Cremation in Kiev allows you to avoid the difficulties that may arise with the transportation of the deceased to the place of residence (the urn for ashes can be independently transported to any city in Ukraine). Cremation & ndash; it is an environmentally friendly, safe and affordable option for human burial. It is noteworthy that the urn for subsequent burial can be even outside Ukraine. Relatives will be exempted from the costs associated with the standard burial procedure in the place where the deceased wanted to rest.


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Organization and conduct of cremation

Cremation takes place in a crematorium. Relatives can use the right to say goodbye to the deceased. After the ceremony, the coffin with the body is to be burned. The urn with the ashes is received by the relatives of the deceased. Then they deal with the ashes according to their own wishes.

Stages of cremation

  1. Preparation. The body cremation event takes one day. It should be borne in mind that the body is subject to burning a day after death. These are the rules of Ukrainian legislation. The cremation procedure is allowed on the second day after death. For the cremation of the body of a deceased not by his own death or killed, the permission of the Prosecutor's Office of Kiev is required. If a person has died a natural death, then such permission is not required. It is necessary to agree on a date for which the burning will be scheduled. After you have received the news of the death of a person, contact our employee and discuss all the details.
  2. Document preparation. Our employees will assist in the preparation of the necessary documents. It is impossible to organize cremation without a death certificate. We will assist in the quick receipt of the document.
  3. Choice of ritual attributes. Discuss the nuances with a consultant. Choose a coffin made of flammable materials, vestments, wreaths, flowers and other paraphernalia. You can also order a monument or tombstone.
  4. Notifying family and friends about the death of a person. You can invite loved ones to the cremation procedure or entrust it to our employee.
  5. Memorial service, farewell to the deceased. Organized at the request of loved ones. The Orthodox Church approves of cremation, this does not contradict Christian canons. Use the services of clergy to organize the funeral service.
  6. Body burning. The body is delivered to the crematorium in a coffin. Delivery can be arranged by relatives or by our ritual service GRAIL. The body parting procedure takes place at the request of the customer. You can organize a solemn farewell or limit yourself to the presence of those closest to you.
  7. Handing over of ashes. Ashes can only be handed over upon presentation of a passport. The ashes can be scattered, buried, kept at home.
  8. Commemoration. At your request, we will organize a memorial dinner.

Delivery of the body to the crematorium (Baykova, 16), the organization of cremation and commemoration is a matter of professionals. We respect your grief and we save you unnecessary trouble.

Kiev Crematorium


crematorium in kiev
crematorium Kiev
crematorium, bike 16
crematorium on the bike
crematorium in kiev
entrance to the crematorium
Kiev crematorium

Kiev crematorium at the Baikovo cemetery: address and opening hours

Working hours: Mon-Thu 09: 00-17: 00, Fri 09: 00-16: 00, (break 13: 00-14: 00).

Address: Kiev, st. Baykovaya, 16

Cremation – from 4000 UAH For more information call: +38 067 500 40 44

Crematorium services

Crematorium on Baikovoye provides the following services:

  • execution of a contract-order for the organization and conduct of a funeral
  • storage of bodies of the deceased in a refrigerator
  • preparing bodies for cremation
  • cremation of the dead
  • burial urns with ashes in the columbarium
  • Installation of grave monuments at the burial site of urns with ashes
  • landscaping, landscaping and comprehensive care of the burial places of urns with the ashes of the dead
  • implementation of funeral paraphernalia and goods
  • issuance of cremation certificates

Procedure and steps for organizing cremation:



Consultation with a ritual agent


Registration of all documents


Ordering ritual attributes


Preparing for the farewell ceremony
(call all the acquaintances and friends of the deceased and invite them goodbye)


Ritual Transport

funeral service

Memorial service





Cremation service

We undertake full support in preparation for cremation, advise the customer by phone and in person. The cremation service can be supplemented with other standard organizational moments, including a memorial dinner, burial of an urn, and subsequent care of the grave.

Document processing

We will organize assistance in preparing the necessary documents at all stages of cremation. We respect your grief and understand that everyday worries cannot be resolved by you personally at such a difficult moment. Report the death of a loved one, and we we are guaranteed to take care of all the hassle associated with the documentation. Upon completion of the cremation, you will receive a certificate confirming the fact that the body was burned. Crematorium services in Kiev allow you to organize a decent funeral without bureaucratic delays in accordance with the requirements of the law.

What to look for when organizing cremation

Choosing a coffin and funeral paraphernalia. For cremation, you must choose a flammable coffin to speed up the cremation process and secure the crematorium.

Funeral events. It is necessary to fully organize the farewell taking into account all the customs and wishes of the deceased, if the person was a believer, take into account all customs and canons.

Arrange farewell to the deceased before cremation, so that relatives, friends and colleagues can say goodbye to him, there are special rooms for this in the crematorium for 30 or more people.

Specialists of the GRAAL Funeral Home have prepared four packages of the cremation procedure in Kiev, taking into account your budget and capabilities:


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