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Cremation is the postmortem burning of the body of the deceased in a special furnace (crematorium). Then the ashes of the deceased are given to his relatives for burial in a special urn.

Crematorium in Kiev conducts burning strictly after the will of a person to cremate his body after death, specified in the testament during life, also the procedure is carried out at the request of the relatives of the deceased.

There is a mourning hall in the crematorium, where the farewell to the deceased is held. The cremation procedure takes 1 day. The day and time of burning must be agreed in advance.

Without exception, all funeral events and farewell are held traditionally, the deceased is transferred to the crematorium in a coffin. Then the body is sent to a special furnace, whose temperature is more than 100000C. Under the influence of high temperature, the body turns into ashes after about 2 hours. Then the ashes of the deceased are taken out of the furnace and placed in a special container.

During this time, relatives decide what to do with the ashes:

  • it can be dispelled at a specific memorial location
  • buried in the ground
  • place in the urn to keep in the house

Electricity or gas are used as fuel in crematoriums. Crematorium on Baikove Cemetery in Kiev, as well as other modern crematoriums, include automatic processes and are equipped with the latest equipment. All this increases safety for employees and provides a favorable environment for fast and trouble-free cremation procedures.

Necessary documents for human cremation

The cremation procedure requires such documents:

  1. Original death certificate
  2. Medical report of death (part where the cause of death is stated)
  3. The original identification document of a relative. This is necessary for the issue of the ashes urn after cremation.

The law prohibits cremation on the day of death. The cremation procedure is allowed the second day after death. To cremate the body of the deceased not by his death or killed, you need a permission of the Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv. If a person died his own death, such permission is not required.

What things should be taken into account  when organizing cremation?

The choice of the coffin and the funeral merchandise. A flammable coffin must be selected for cremation to speed up the cremation process and secure the crematorium.

Funeral events. Farewell should be fully organized taking into account all the customs and wishes of the deceased, if the person was a religious man, and all the customs and canons should be taken into account.

To organize the farewell to the deceased before cremation, so that relatives, friends and colleagues could say goodbye to him, in the crematorium there are special rooms for this purpose, designed for 30 or more people.

Procedure and stages of the organization of cremation:

Consultation with a funeral agent

Processing of all documents

Order of funeral merchandise

Preparing for the farewell ceremony
(to call all friends of the deceased and invite them to say goodbye)

Choice of funeral transport

Memorial service


Funeral dinner

Specialists of the Graale Funeral House have prepared four packages of cremation procedures in Kyiv, taking into account your budget and capabilities: 

Crematoriums in Kyiv

The following crematoriums offer their services in Kyiv:

Kyiv crematorium at Baikove cemetery.

Working time: monday-thursday 09:00-17:00, friday 09:00-16:00, with a break 13:00-14:00.

Address: 16 Baikovaya St., Kyiv,

Cremation – from 4000 UAH. For more detailed information, please call: +38 067 500 40 44

Crematorium services

The crematorium at Baikove cemetery provides the following services:

  • making an order contract for organizing funerals
  • keeping the bodies of the deceased in a cold storage room
  • preparation of bodies for cremation
  • cremaciation of the deceased
  • burying ashes in an urn in a columbarium
  • installation of gravestones at the burial place of urns with ashes
  • greening and complex care of places of burial of urns with ashes of the deceased
  • sale of funeral merchandise
  • issuing cremation certificates


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