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Crematoriums in Ukraine

Crematoriums and cremation services in Ukraine

Crematorium in Kyiv (03039)
Kyiv, Baykovaya str. 16
tel. (044) 5293427
fax. (044) 5281514

Odessa crematorium
Odessa, Tairovske cemetery
tel. (048) 7461031

The crematorium in Kharkov
Kharkov, Zhihar village, Nadgornaya str. 3
Tel. (0572) 527462, 527562

More and more relatives prefer to cremate their loved ones.

In the capital the state crematorium works in Baikove cemetery. There is a columbarium around, where an urn with ashes can then be placed and a "family crypt" can be arranged. There are places there for several years ahead.

If you order a complex of crematorium services, cremation will cost an average of 7500 and more UAH cremation organization.

Documents to be submitted for cremation:

  • cause of death
  • death certificate
  • original document of a relative, in whose name the cremation will be registered, in order to collect the urn with the ashes

You are given a numbered badge (the second badge will be in the urn) and a document, which specifies the date when you can get the urn with the ashes. On the average the ashes are giving out from 5 to 14 days, all depends on workload of crematorium.

Also an important point is that the ashes of the deceased can be kept in the crematorium for free for up to a year.

How does cremation proceed?

Cremation of the body takes place at temperatures up to 1092 °C. Modern crematoriums run on either gas or a special fuel that allows this high temperature to be reached.

Before the coffin is sent into the oven, it is checked for dangerous items (sometimes relatives put various things in the coffin, up to and including vodka bottles that can explode). For the same reason, pacemakers and other devices, if any, are removed from the body beforehand.

Once the coffin with the body is in the oven, the first 10 minutes are spent burning the coffin. After that, all combustible materials, including the soft tissues of the body, begin to burn. This is the initial stage of cremation.

After the coffin burns, the oven arranges the temperature so that the destruction of the body occurs in a certain sequence. On average, it takes about 2 hours to cremate a body. The time depends on many factors - the age of the deceased, the weight of the body, whether or not the person took any medication while alive, and the time that has passed between the time of death and the time of cremation.

After incineration, all metal objects - parts of prostheses and so on - are removed from the ashes, using a powerful magnet and sifting. Since bone fragments remain after cremation, the ashes are sent to the cremator - a device for crushing the ashes into homogeneous ashes.

After all the procedures the ashes are placed in an urn and given to the relatives of the deceased. There are three crematoriums in Ukraine.

Refusals from cremation

  • If the person weighs more than 180 kg (length up to 2.2 meters, width up to 80 cm and height up to 60 cm)
  • if it is a criminal case, the prosecutor's office does not give permission for cremation, only a funeral is possible

After receiving an urn with ashes, a place can be arranged in the columbarium, which is located on the crematorium grounds.

Date: 17 December 2020
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