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Cemeteries in Kyiv

At the moment in Kyiv almost all cemeteries are closed or semi-closed, due to the fact that they are overcrowded. There is an opportunity only to make a subburial, but in this case there are also certain rules. There are private cemeteries which are closed now and then because of problems with documents on construction, so when choosing such a cemetery, you should ask for official documents.

There are 28 city cemeteries in Kyiv. Two of them are completely closed - the cemetery "Staroobryadnoe" in Shevchenko district and "Myshelovskoe" in Goloseevsky district. The others allow burials in the family graves. For new graves only "Northern" cemetery is open, it is located in the village of Letki, 37 km from the capital. There are almost no empty places there.

List of cemeteries in Kyiv:

  • Northern;
  • City cemetery;
  • Belychanskoe;
  • Mikhailovskoe;
  • Bratske cemetery;
  • Vygurovskoe;
  • Troeshchynskoe;
  • Bykovianske;
  • Lesnoe;
  • Chapaevskoe;
  • Korchevatskoe;
  • Baykove;
  • Military;
  • Kurenevskoe;
  • Darnitskoe;
  • Bortnichanskoye;
  • Sovske;
  • Zhulyanskoye;
  • Zvirynetskoe;
  • Yuzhnoe;
  • Pirogovskoe.

In order not to lose time, call the ritual service "Graale" of Kyiv - we work 24/7, we will help and advise you on important issues for you, such as funeral price.

Northern cemetery:

Address: Brovarsky district, Letki village

Phone: (044) 592-13-27

Functioning: Open for burials.

To get a place in the cemetery, relatives need to apply to the central registry office in Kyiv with certain documents.

If sub-burial - also need a number of documents proving the relationship of the deceased and the document about the previously buried person, for more detailed information please call 0675004044 - the funeral bureau of Kyiv "Graalе".

Now are gaining popularity eco-funeral. Once cemeteries were arranged on the outskirts, but cities are sprawling, so today burial sites are often surrounded by residential neighborhoods; with the territory with burials pollutes the soil and groundwater, they are also called green funerals.

In early 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted a bill to the Verkhovna Rada, which provides permission to bury the dead in parks, forest parks, squares and other land areas, as it is already practiced in many European countries. It is assumed that this will save money on funerals and solve the problem of the lack of space in cemeteries. The idea was received negatively. Although there is clearly not enough land for the deceased in the capital region, let's see how it ends.

Date: 16 December 2020
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