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Preneed funeral contract

Today, anyone can conclude a contract that provides an opportunity to take care of themselves and their loved ones in advance in case of death. Choose the type of burial (burial or cremation), cemetery for burial, ritual accessories, transportation, all necessary goods and services. The contract is permanent. In addition, the contract can be reviewed or terminated at any time.

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There are many elderly people in our city who have no family. And the issue of a decent burial is a serious problem for them. Who to leave the savings deferred for the funeral, to entrust the organization of the funeral, to indicate all their wishes about the place and method of burial? But even if there are relatives or friends, older people sometimes do not want to burden them with concerns about the funeral.

The life contract provides for both burial and cremation of the dead. It is true that cremation is only carried out if the death occurred naturally. In the case of so-called criminal death, the prosecutor's office may prohibit cremation in accordance with Ukrainian law.

When concluding the contract, you agree on the type of burial (burial/cremation), choose the ritual accessories, type and route of transport, and the agents of the Graale Funeral House will prepare the necessary documents.

After the death of a person for whose benefit a living contract has been concluded, his proxy comes with a contract, after which all the conditions listed in the contract are fulfilled, all the necessary services and goods are provided, this contract as a kind of a will.


It may be amended or supplemented during the term of the agreement. An important condition is that the contract may be terminated by the client at any time. There are all kinds of situations in life, for example, a person has decided to move to another city and no longer needs the services of the company, in which case the person can terminate the contract and get his money.

Do we always know exactly how our loved one would like to be buried? And timely concluded life contract allows to relieve grief, really help in the minute of loss, guarantee the full range of ritual services and take into account any wishes of the deceased.

Preneed funeral contract for the provision of ritual service – is a personal statement of will that comes into force after death. The contract specifically describes which rite (ritual) will be used for the funeral, with all necessary details and personal preferences, it is permanent and can be amended.


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Preneed funeral contract. Frequently asked questions:

Conclusion of a preneed funeral contract. Does it have to be done?

People think about death, however sad and unpleasant it may be. If you treat this topic without prejudice, you will quickly come to the answer: «Yes, preneed funeral contract should be concluded ». And whether you are a lonely person and do not know who will take care of your last rest or, conversely, you have relatives, but just do not want to burden the funeral of their loved ones. Having concluded a lifetime contract, you will entrust all the troubles to the ritual service, which will take care of everything with knowledge of the case, without involving relatives in the formalities. In addition, the entire financial side of the funeral will be resolved in advance, which means that the mourning of relatives and friends will not add to the material problems.

What is a guarantee of will?

Older people often think about their last peace, worry about how they will be buried. When they make a preneed funeral contract, they may not worry about anything. This document specifically describes the rite of passage for the final rest, and provides all the necessary details: the location of the last rest, the choice of flowers, wreaths, jewelry for the coffin, music and much more. And this remains the same. A preneed funeral contract guarantees the will of the deceased, and the relatives are relieved of the problem – they do not need to decide how best to spend the last journey of a loved one.

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