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Clothes for the deceased

Funeral bureau "Graale" offers a wide range of clothes for the dead for any age, size and features of the body structure. In some cases, customers give us the opportunity to choose our own clothes for the deceased, especially when our ritual bureau is engaged in organizing and conducting the entire funeral process.

Funeral clothing should be stylish and appropriate to the age of the deceased. We have clothes for the deceased of different physique, gender, age and style. In the complex of services we provide on the spot - in the morgue we determine what kind of clothes will suit the deceased, coordinate with his relatives or friends and deliver the coffin with him already dressed and ready for burial.

Clothing for the deceased with delivery in Kyiv

You can also order the delivery of clothing for the deceased by prior call, specifying all the necessary parameters and requirements for it - the size, color, length and style of the dress, trousers or skirt and the need for additional accessories.

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