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Funeral organization

How to organize a funeral in Kyiv?

Organization of the funeral always begins with the choice of a ritual company and the call of a ritual agent, who will deal with the paperwork, ordering ceremonial goods and transport. Also, to accompany the whole funeral and control the worthy farewell of the deceased person. Graale funeral home provides this service 24 hours a day.

Organizing a funeral in the Graale funeral home is always reliable and qualitatively.

By signing a contract for ritual services in the "Graale", you are guaranteed to avoid deception, which is in the funeral industry. We have been working for more than 10 years and we've proven to be a reliable company.

What documents are needed to organize the funeral:

  • Medical report of death
  • Permission from the prosecutor's office (if this is a court case)
  • Certificate of death. It is made out in a special department of the Civil Registry Office on the stamped form.

All the papers that are needed for the funeral in Kyiv must be executed to the standard. Samples of documents are always available at government organizations at the place of receipt of the document in a prominent place. When you receive the documents, be sure to check that the records are correct.

Procedure and stages of funeral organization:

Consultation with a funeral agent

Processing of all documents

Order of funeral merchandise

Preparing for the farewell ceremony
(to call all friends of the deceased and invite them to say goodbye)

Choice of funeral transport

Memorial service


Funeral dinner

What's the price of a funeral in Kyiv?

Based on requests, we offer 4 funeral packages:


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