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Customer Reviews

04.04.2020 19:18
On March 25th, we buried Dad. I applied to the ritual agency " Graale", as there was no understanding of what to do and where to run, because Daddy had to take to another city, where his parents are buried, and this is all under the restrictions, due to the quarantine, not to mention the stupor from pain and fatigue from trying to save a seriously ill native man. I am very grateful for the humanity and professionalism of the staff, and appreciated the clear and coordinated actions on their part. Ritual House "Graale" provides a full range of services, from obtaining documents to directly organizing the funeral itself. The Agency's staff reacted promptly when we changed our decisions, went to meet with them, guided and helped. Thank you, guys, for your impeccable work and humanity.
28.11.2019 13:04
I personally am very grateful to all the employees of this company for the fact that very quickly came to us and made transportation from one country to another for literally a day ! Very helpful to us with the documents and the consul, in general do not listen to any comments from the consulates, that you take only the company of the consulate!All this nonsense! I am very grateful and recommend you to contact this company!
  • quickly!
  • competently
  • tactfully
  • all the documents were handed over to me personally
  • and always 24/7 were in contact
P.S. I'm a real client and I never thought I'd be so grateful !!!
13.09.2019 07:40
It's been 40 days since our beloved son and brother died. Along with the pain of loss there is a growing feeling of gratitude to the people who helped us in these sad days. From the bottom of our hearts we thank Gleb and his Lviv partner Volodymyr for the perfect organization of the transportation of the body from Poland to the hinterland of Ukraine. Thank you very much for the work you have done, for the well-groomed and beautifully gathered our son and brother. For the fact that we were able to preserve him so and gave us all the opportunity to still be with him, all to come and say goodbye. Thank you so much! May God help you in your good deeds!
23.05.2019 08:27
Thank you so much to all the staff for the efficiency and assistance in processing the documents and transportation of our suddenly deceased grandfather from Russia to Ukraine. Gleb, thank you for your professionalism and human attitude to someone else's grief.
Sergey Budkov
31.05.2018 15:25
I want to thank the staff at this office for helping me organize my mother's funeral. The cremation, the funeral café, good coffin. Everything's was selected good.
Ignat Glushchenko
27.10.2017 15:58
A week ago, we had to move my father's body from Russia to Kyiv. I called to different bureaus, but I got an adequate response and a plan of action only here. Thank you for your help.
Smirnov Sergey Georgiyevich
21.07.2017 10:45
I thank Gleb for a qualified solution to my sad problem. Thank you, A. Omelchenko, for your heartfelt attitude. S.G. Smirnov
Tatiana Bespalova
29.06.2017 23:15
I want to express my gratitude to this service for organizing the transportation of my father's body from Crimea to Kyiv. I called several services, everyone said different prices. Here came the price and the manager's answer.
14.03.2017 20:58
I used the services of your funeral home and I want to say a big thank you for organizing the ritual transportation in Ukraine.
Vera, Kiev
27.10.2016 12:16
Using the services of the Graale funeral service, I realized that even in a difficult situation there are people to rely on. The staff did their job clearly and flawlessly, with minimal involvement from us. I don't know what I would have done without this help, I guess I just couldn't have done my job.
19.10.2016 11:34
I express gratitude to the ritual bureau for the preparation of documents and assistance in transporting the body of my grandmother in the Crimea. We ourselves would not be able to cope with this issue.
21.05.2016 22:21
Thank you very much to Alexander for his high professionalism, sensitive attitude and sincere approach.
19.04.2016 11:51
I thank Gleb for his help in transporting my father's body from Russia to Ukraine and preparing all necessary documents.
23.12.2015 17:57
I want to thank you for helping me bury my beloved dog Bruce.
29.10.2015 13:18
Thank you for your help in transporting 200 from Anapa. All technical points were solved with the help of a funeral home.
Elena Konovalova
12.10.2015 12:04
People know their job and do it well. Thank you for your help.
Olga Sloboda
29.07.2015 14:48
We had to transport my father's coffin from Germany to Kiev. They found a website on the Internet and called. In the end, everything turned out calmly and without unnecessary red tape. Thank you to the managers for their communication and support.
Sergey, Kyiv
03.06.2015 12:04
We had to transport the coffin with the deceased across Ukraine (Lviv-Kyiv). Everything was organized quickly, without fuss and unnecessary questions. There were no complaints about the organization of the funeral as well.
Tatiana, Kyiv
21.04.2015 02:52
Thank you very much to the ritual house team for their help and additional discount in this difficult time.
Irina Svetlova
12.04.2015 10:41
Satisfied with the work and attitude towards us. Thank you.
Tamara Kravchenko
25.03.2015 17:46
My husband died in November. The kids quickly found a phone number on the Internet to call. The Graal funeral agent was called in. We want to say thank you for your help and your warm attitude.
Alexei B.
11.08.2014 23:45
Thank you so much to the entire team. Careful attitude, sensitive approach without pressure, human factor is taken into account.
29.07.2014 14:59
Thank you for your expert help in a difficult moment!
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