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Morgue Services

Function of the morgue

A mortuary (morgue) is a specialized room in a hospital or crematorium where the dead are kept until the necessary procedures are performed.

The body of the deceased may remain in the morgue for a long time. Specialists of our funeral home transport the body of the deceased to the morgue for storage and will do all the necessary procedures. By contacting us, you'll save yourself from troubles in a difficult moment. 

Services of a morgue in Kyiv from the Graale funeral home:

  • Preparing the deceased for transportation to the morgue
  • Taking out of the room to a special car for transportation to the morgue
  • Transportation of the deceased to the morgue
  • Storage in cold chambers, where the temperature is maintained no more than + 2 degrees Celsius
  • Body sanitization
  • Hygienic body treatment
  • Body Deodorization
  • Washing, dressing in clothes, shaving, postmortem make-up using high-quality cosmetic products
  • If necessary, embalming to preserve the body for a long time. The embalming body prevents the process of de-structuring
  • Placing in the coffin
  • Transportation from the morgue to the funeral place

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