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International funeral transport

International transportation of the deceased in Ukraine and around the world

We will help in the shortest possible time and under all laws to transport the deceased in Ukraine and abroad,

At present transportation of the deceased from abroad is possible in three ways. However, in this case we are talking about the states that are located on one continent. But if a person has died or has died in the US, Canada, Australia or other North or South American countries, it will only be possible to deliver his body by plane. This variant of transportation is the most expensive, but the body will be delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible.

As for all possible ways to deliver a deceased from another country to Ukraine, they are as follows:

  • by car, from 8 hryvnias per km
  • By plane, each operator has its own tariffs depending on distance
  • by railroad (by train).

Each of these variants has the features which we will consider in detail further on.

Why us?

Full support from gathering the documents, preparing the body, the coffin and attributes, to meeting at the receiving end

We work with airlines directly. We have contracts with carriers, which allows us to offer you the most favorable prices, as well as the speed and high quality of service. Our partners include all popular airlines: UIA, Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines, AirFrance, British Airways, El Al Israel Airlines, Flydubai and others.

International partnerships and qualified employees. Official cooperation with full-service funeral companies all over the world will ensure safe flight and safety of corpses. And the competence of each employee according to the requirements and laws of European, Asian, CIS and American countries will help to solve any problem quickly. We guarantee that the preparation and execution of documents will not take much time. Our qualifications and connections allow you to find an individual approach to any situation.

We have been in the market for more than 10 years, we know all the nuances and pitfalls

We choose the best mode of transport.

24/7 support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to transport an urn with ashes from/to Ukraine by air?

How to transport an urn with ashes?

Often the body of the deceased is cremated before transportation. This method of burial is becoming more and more popular today. And it is much easier to transport cargo 200 in the form of an urn with ashes than a coffin with the body of the deceased.

In order to transport an urn with ashes legally, you need to follow the laws and rules. "Unofficial" transportation of the ashes of the dead, for example, in a bag or bag, is prohibited.

Ashes of the dead are transported in special containers - urns. When transporting by rail or air transport it is necessary first of all to pack the urn properly. The urn should be made of durable material and hermetically sealed. The urn itself should be placed in a strong wooden box to prevent damage. The box, in turn, should be covered with a thick cloth.

The following documents will be required for the transportation of the urn:

  • death certificate, stamped
  • Cremation certificate, issued by a crematorium
  • With this package of documents you can transport the urn on the territory of Ukraine

The list of documents increases in case of moving the ashes of the deceased across the border of Ukraine to the territory of other countries. Additionally the following documents need to be issued:

  • certificate of non-inclusion of foreign objects (may need to be certified at the consulate of the destination country)
  • SES certificate
  • customs declaration

The urn must be sealed with wax seals.

In each case there is a number of nuances, so we are always ready to answer all your questions: 067 500 40 44

How to transport an urn with ashes from/to Ukraine by ritual transport?

Cheaper will be transportation of cremated remains through the border by automobile or train. But this will take more than 12 hours. During boarding by air or railway transport and during customs clearance the following documents will be needed:

  • An official death certificate (or copy).
  • Cremation certificate.
  • Certificate of no foreign objects (given by the crematorium or funeral service during the sealing of the container with the cremated remains).
  • Documents required for transportation

If a person died or died outside of Ukraine, whether in Russia, Egypt or Turkey, to bring his body back home, you need to take care of providing certain documents, among which:

  • Death certificate with the presence of a coffin seal;
  • Sealing document. At the same time, if there are valuable things, an inventory is made;
  • Sanitary certificate of absence of dangerous infectious diseases of the deceased;
  • permission from the receiving party;
  • passport data of the person.

Only by providing all these data, the deceased person will be delivered to the country, specifically to Ukraine. Here, too, the meeting and further burial of the body should be duly registered. The whole procedure from the moment of death to farewell at the cemetery in the home country usually takes no more than 7-10 days.

Date: 22 February 2021
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