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The funeral agent

The death of a loved one is an emotional shock for everyone. At such a moment it is very difficult for relatives and friends to concentrate and organize everything correctly. Also, everything must be done as quickly as possible and all the details must be considered. When conducting a funeral rite, it is important to know and understand the process.

Funeral agent is a specialist Graale funeral home, whose task is to take care of all organizational aspects of the funeral.

Our funeral home was created to ease the fate of the deceased's relatives. Graale funeral home guarantees a reliable support during this difficult period. We'll take care of everything from organizational issues to paperwork.

Graale Funeral Home agents are experts in their business, we fully organize the funeral procession from the date of registration at home until the funeral dinner.

For more detailed information, please call:

(067) 500 40 44

Full range of funeral services:

  • Free consultation about all funeral issues
  • Calling a funeral agent in Kyiv and Kyiv region
  • Transportation of the deceased to the morgue and cemetery
  • Help in selecting a cemetery and burial place
  • Organization of burial in the cemetery
  • Cremation
  • Buying all the necessary attributes for a deceased
  • Organization the religious rituals
  • Organization the funeral dinner
  • Selection of transport for passenger transportation
  • Paperwork
  • Ceremonial services (full organization of right funeral according to religion of the deceased)
  • Post-funeral service (grave care)
  • Execution of individual client's orders

The call of the ritual agent in Kiev allows people as little as possible to organize a funeral event. This will allow relatives to support each other in difficult moments. At such a difficult moment, the Graale funeral home will take full responsibility for organizing the funeral.

In addition to the organization of burial, ritual services, we will help with the execution of all necessary documentation for transportation from another city and from another country. We will form all customs documentation, as well as help with fast (uninterrupted) delivery of the body to the house or place of burial.

We'll help you take your loved one with dignity on his last journey.

The agent of the Graale funeral home will take full responsibility for the organization of the funeral at the proper level, you do not have to worry about the fact that some details of the burial will be forgotten or not taken into account.

Ritual agents will help worthily say goodbye to the deceased, without distracting relatives in such difficult times. In addition, they will take into account all the wishes of customers and give advice to the organization.

We take into account that the death of a loved one is always a suddenness. Therefore, the organization of the funeral is carried out taking into account your financial possibilities, and the quality of services does not depend on the amount of money spent.

Our agents will not leave the relatives of the deceased alone in trouble, but will help and provide insurance at all stages.

Our specialists are experienced and competent in all matters related to funerals.

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