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40 days after death. Magpies



Having buried a loved one, everyone seeks to facilitate his transition to another world as much as possible. That is why it is customary to pay great attention to the most important day for the deceased – fortieth. Let's take a closer look at what this day means for the soul, and how it should be spent by the mourners.

40 days after death. Magpies

Forties – this is an important memorial day, when the soul finally leaves for the kingdom of heaven, leaving everything earthly and finding eternal peace. For 40 days it is necessary to lead the soul on this important journey to the Kingdom of Heaven. Relatives of the deceased traditionally commemorate him, and also visit him at the cemetery. It helps the living to cope with the loss and support each other.

40 days: what happens to the human soul?

For the first three days after death, the soul remains close to its body. Then, for the first time, he enters heaven, accompanied by a Guardian Angel. But before falling into it forever, the soul must go through difficult trials associated with earthly sins and their redemption. In these difficult days, the deceased needs the prayerful support of those who remained on earth.

It is believed that it is at 40 that the fate of the deceased is decided. He goes to hell or heaven. All the days until the fortieth soul is between earth and sky, and in the "heavenly office" her entire life path is considered and sins are evaluated. Therefore, the entire period after death, the deceased needs prayer support.

How the soul is seen off from home for 40 days

The main thing on this day is to pray and not tarnish the memory of a person with memories of his evil deeds or past grievances against him. It is 40 days, as a rule, that the largest number of people come to remember the deceased and say goodbye to him forever.

It is important that next to the relatives of the deceased there is someone who can find words of comfort, tell about eternal life and the salvation of the soul. Someone, besides grief, prays for the soul of a person. Most importantly, on this day, fights, quarrels and memories of the misfortunes caused by the deceased are completely inappropriate. During mourning ceremonies, relatives come together for a common meal.

Walking for 40 days after death

After a few weeks, the wound is so fresh that the loss is just beginning to be realized. For those who mourn a loved one, it is difficult to organize a funeral dinner. Therefore, it is very important that several people share all the chores. Consider a step-by-step algorithm for 40 days:

  • Decide where the memorial service will take place. Some commemorate the deceased at home, some – in a cafe or cafeteria. After choosing a place, you must inform all relatives and friends where the wake will take place.
  • Select a photograph of the deceased and wrap it with black tape. She will stand in the middle of the table with a glass of vodka and a slice of bread.
  • The last and most tiring event – menu planning and grocery shopping. It is recommended to do this in advance so as not to forget anything.

поминальный обед

The menu for a funeral dinner is always about the same, since there is a certain order and list of dishes that must be on the table. The most important menu items:

  • Snacks and salads. You can cook stuffed eggs, meat, fish, cheese and vegetable plates, sprat sandwiches. Traditionally on the memorial table – several salads. In summer, dishes made from fresh ingredients are preferable - cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens. In winter – mimosa, olivier, vinaigrette, etc.
  • Hot meals. Often there is borscht at the memorial dinner. Also, porridge, goulash, cabbage rolls, stewed cabbage, mashed potatoes, fried fish, liver, chicken are prepared for the second.
  • Sweet. On the 40th day after death, a traditional homemade dish is sweet kutya with poppy seeds, raisins, and fresh berries. Each person who came to the wake must eat at least a spoonful before proceeding to the rest of the dish. Also on the memorial table there must be sweet pastries and sweets.
  • Drinks. According to Orthodox traditions, after 40 days of death, it is not allowed to offer and drink alcoholic beverages at home. Dried fruit compote is offered.

It is also recommended to put on the table those dishes that the deceased especially loved during his lifetime. It is not necessary to make up all the menus from them. But there must be one thing, for example, pies or salad.

How to count correctly

Calculation of forty days is quite simple:  first day – it is the day of death. Even if a person is in the dark until 12 o'clock, this is the first day. From now on, the third, ninth and fortieth days of death are counted.

What prayers to read by 40 days after a person's death

Prayer for the soul of the deceased, for the remission of his sins and determining a place in the Kingdom of Heaven is of great importance. Everyone who has buried a loved one seeks to take care of his comfort and well-being next to God. It is believed that prayers can alleviate any trials and achieve a better fate for her. The Christian himself after death can no longer influence his own destiny. Those who live can influence the decision of the Last Judgment with their sincere prayers.

The effectiveness of home prayer is no less than church prayer. After all, the main – it is sincerity. There are many special prayers for the deceased up to 40 days, as well as prayers for the deceased father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, daughter, son, husband, wife. There are prayers for the unbaptized deceased.

40 days after death: what to say?

Memorial speech is distinguished by its specificity. When talking, follow these rules:

  • Speak briefly – no need to unnecessarily drag out speech and often interrupt.
  • Stay sincere.
  • Do not use quotes, poems.
  • You don't need to verbalize your entire biography. Just note a few facts from your memories that indicate the positive qualities of the deceased.
  • There is no need to talk about the lack of the deceased. Talk only about his positive qualities.

When noting the best qualities of the deceased, remember that with the right accents, flaws easily turn into virtues.

Signs and traditions of commemoration on the 40th day

  1. During the memorial meal, do not use sharp objects – knives and forks.
  2. Waste from the funeral table is not thrown away. They need to be collected and taken to the grave of the deceased.
  3. Guests can bring their own prepared meals.
  4. On the night after the commemoration, it is necessary to tightly close the windows and doors, do not cry and do not fall into hysterics. It is believed that this can attract the soul of the deceased and make it difficult for him to move to the heavenly kingdom.
  5. Many people put a photo of the deceased in the bedroom and next to a glass of vodka covered with a piece of bread.
  6. Up to forty days, all reflective objects in the house of the deceased must be closed.
  7. At the memorial table, a seat should be reserved for the deceased, and food and drinks should be served.
  8. You can not click the seeds and any nuts in the shell, it is believed that this way you can spit on the soul of the deceased.

Visit to the cemetery for 40 days

поминки на 40 дней

They take flowers and candles and flowers to the cemetery. Visit to the burial place – showing respect and love for the deceased. Traditionally, flowers are left on the grave, as well as treats. This is necessary so that, having treated yourself to a candy or a cookie, a person commemorates the deceased and prays for the repose of his soul.

For all 40 days after death, mourning must be observed. Clothing should be dark, modest and closed. This is an expression of grief and respect for the deceased loved one. After the memorial dinner on the fortieth day, you can remove the mourning and return to normal life.


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