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How to organize a funeral?

The death of a loved one is always a tragedy in every person's life. Unfortunately, every family will have to be in this situation someday. There is a problem of organizing a funeral ceremony. In a depressing state, not everyone can cope with feelings of grief and properly organize the funeral. For a confused and grieving relative, this task becomes very difficult, and sometimes tragedy becomes a disaster. Our funeral agency will always come to the aid in a difficult hour.

Stages of funeral organization

A person who has lived a decent life has the right to go on the last journey with all traditions and honors. Our funeral home necessarily takes into account all the wishes of relatives who try to express their respect and love for their loved ones who have left this world.

Funeral organization consists of the following stages:

  1. Notification of law enforcement agencies and ambulance of death - only physicians have the right to ascertain death from natural causes and provide relatives with appropriate medical reports, law enforcement officer is responsible for examining the body.
  2. Obtaining a medical report on death.
  3. Payment for morgue services.
  4. Receiving a death certificate and a certificate for social payment from the state authorities.
  5. Ordering accessories for the ceremony.
  6. Ordering cremation of the body in a crematorium or burial in a cemetery.
  7. Preparation of transportation of the deceased's belongings to the morgue.
  8. Fixation of date and time of body discharge from the morgue.
  9. Ordering a hearse for transportation.
  10. Carrying out the ritual of farewell to the deceased (priest and orchestra services).
  11. Organization of the memorial ceremony.

The funeral ceremony for relatives and friends of the deceased is extremely emotional, tragic, unexpected and almost always happens as in a fog. To order the service of funeral in our agency means to get the guarantee that everything will go perfectly and every wish of the customer will be realized.

Cost of funeral

In each case, the level at which the organization of the funeral in Kyiv will be evaluated - the price is determined individually.

There are 3 main price levels for organizing a funeral ceremony:

  • Economy funeral organization;
  • Standard;
  • Exclusive funeral ceremony.

Everything will depend on the cost and scope of services provided by the morgue, cemetery, transport agency, religious workers and the cost of additional services (optional). We take into account and record everything in the agreement.

For us there are no "cheap" orders. We perform only the correct organization of the funeral - a full range of ritual goods and services necessary for a decent burial. All is performed with reverent attention to the deceased and relatives.

Funeral assistance

When contacting our ritual bureau, we implement a full organization of funerals. We work in all districts of Kyiv. Our employees have many years of experience, daily solving difficult issues related to the organization of the funeral ceremony. We treat with understanding and respect to those who have lost a loved one and implement all work at the highest level.

Services of the Graale funeral home:

  • preparation of documents for funerals (compliance with all state norms and regulations is quite a complicated task and we take it upon ourselves). If necessary, our employees also provide advice and legal support;
  • selection and delivery of all ritual goods (coffin, cross, wreaths) and accessories (towels, ribbons, candles);
  • cremation;
  • provision of a brigade for body removal;
  • organization of ritual transportation in Ukraine and anywhere in the world;
  • selection of a cafe and holding memorial service;
  • cleaning graves, laying flowers on memorable dates.

Our ritual agents conduct the events in an organized and gradual manner, respecting all traditions of the family and the deceased. In the process of organizing the funeral, every aspect and timeliness of the individual part of the process has a huge role. We will keep under control the funeral process and will be able to ensure the funeral in a calm atmosphere.



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Date: 30 October 2020
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