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Organization of cremation

The ritual burning of the deceased's body is one of the ways to honor the memory of a person. Conducting cremation is an alternative to the traditional burial. The cremation of the deceased can be carried out at his request or by instruction, made during his lifetime. Also the service of cremation may be necessary in a situation where in the cemetery is not enough space for burial. For many people burial by cremation is preferable for religious or personal reasons. It should be noted that the service of cremation does not necessarily end with burial. Relatives decide to scatter the ashes over the places where the deceased would like it, or to keep them in an urn.

Organization and conduct of cremation

In difficult situations for relatives and friends, the organization of cremation allows you to say goodbye to the deceased and perform the rite correctly. Our crematorium will help to prepare the body of the deceased and deliver it, collect documents, choose an urn. There are ritual halls for saying goodbye to the deceased. For family and friends we can offer assistance in organizing the mourning ceremony and memorial dinner, funeral process, taking into account all the important moments. We will organize the memorial service, invite a priest, offer an accessible café for the memorial service, move the body from the morgue to the crematorium.

The cost of cremation depends on the number of services:

  • The price of the deceased's body burning procedure;
  • Organization of farewell ceremony;
  • Call of a priest;
  • Selection of ritual elements, including urns.

The cremation takes place within one day. For those who do not have the opportunity to attend the funeral, we offer a service - keeping the urn for a long period of time, cremation without relatives.

The stages of cremation

Before cremation, you must prepare documents - a death certificate, part of the certificate, which indicates the cause of his death. A relative must present the original identity documents. If a person died a violent death or unnaturally, cremation is possible only with the permission of the Prosecutor's Office. The service of cremation by law is carried out not earlier than the second day after the death of a person.

Conducting cremation in Kyiv consists of several stages:

  • The body is prepared in the morgue - washed, dressed, at the request of relatives apply postmortem makeup, put in a coffin, transported to the hearse;
  • A hearse with the body of the deceased and ritual elements arrives at the crematorium;
  • A farewell ceremony is held for the relatives and friends of the deceased;
  • The body of the deceased is placed in a special coffin in a red-hot furnace, where it turns into ashes under the influence of temperature.

The body is in a special coffin of flammable materials. It is placed in a gas or electric furnace that is heated within 900-1000?. On average, the burning lasts 2-4 hours, after which the ashes will be given to the family or friends in a temporary urn, which can be placed in the storage urn if desired.

How does the crematorium work in Kyiv

After cremation in Kyiv, the ashes in the urn will be given to relatives. It can be dispersed, buried in the tomb of the deceased person's relatives or friends, installed in the crypt, and kept on a special place in the columbarium. If desired and financially feasible, you can order not only an ordinary urn, but also exclusive containers for ashes. So that the family and friends can honor the memory of the deceased at their discretion, we can offer several options for urns, which can be made from different materials.

Our help in organizing cremation is not only about the external side of the issue - we take into account all the circumstances:

  • financial situation;
  • wishes of relatives;
  • other peculiarities of the situation.

In order to leave time for grief in a difficult period, you can ask us for help - the ritual agency will take care of the key troubles in organizing cremation in Kyiv. You can book cremation service in advance. Call us at any time on the hotline, listed on the website.


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Date: 30 October 2020
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